Custom Call Center Training

Whether your call centers have thousands of people across continents, or a handful of people sharing a workstation, every contact must be handled effectively. Callers must believe they are talking with knowledgeable, efficient professionals. Problems must be solved in compliance with your company standards and customers’ expectations, at the same time. These are not easy tasks. And creating the right behaviors to address the needs of your company, your staff and your clientele requires custom solutions. No one has time or money to waste. That’s where Caras Training’s Call Center Training comes in.

Caras Training takes the time to observe and understand the real-world challenges your customers and prospects pose. We use this knowledge to develop custom call center training and implementation that will improve your results right away.

Caras Call Center Training Solutions help staff at all levels with simple and complex skills including:

  • Control of Tone so that the right impression and the best outcome is achieved no matter who the call is with or what the call about.
  • Proper Word Choices that enhance relationships and make conversation easier.
  • Call Flow Management so talk time is brief, powerful and thorough.
  • Identification of Root Cause to make sure staff solves the right problems.
  • Presentation of Company Policies and Products as Solutions so customers feel helped and satisfied.
  • First Call Resolution which keeps your operational costs as low as is possible and increases customer satisfaction at the same time.
  • Disarming and De-Fusing Difficult People & Situations so the job of front-line representatives gets a lot easier.

Please feel free to contact us to talk about your goals. Our experts in Call Center Training are happy to share ideas and results with you at any time.